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You’re struggling with the toddler stage and you’re not sure who to turn to or what to do. You feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing works for you or your toddler.

In my 15+ years of working with families, I noticed the these recurring issues: mom guilt, burn out, lack of self-care, and partners not being on the same page with parenting. 

Toddlers require consistency and calm if you want to change their behavior. In order to be consistent, you have to be aware. And it’s nearly impossible to be aware or calm if you’re spinning in mom guilt or you and your partner disagree.

As a parent coach, I help you address your own behavior so that you can effectively implement gentle and respectful parenting strategies.

The toddler stage is exhausting and chaotic but it is also a magical stage that can be filled with so much joy. And it is my mission to help you find more joy.

About Me

My name is Sara Rose Whaley. I have over 15 years of experience working with families as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and a developmental therapist. I have worked with hundreds of families and have extensive experience working with neurodiverse  (autism, ADHD, speech delays, behavior issues, Down Syndrome, etc) children and their parents. 

The toddler stage has always been my favorite stage which works out well since I’m now a full time SAHM to 2 toddlers: a 4 year old girl and a 2.5 year old boy.

About Coaching

My 12 week coaching program is different from others. I take a holistic approach that focuses 30% on educating you about toddler behavior strategies and 70% on addressing all the issues that affect your ability to implement these strategies effectively: mom guilt, burn out, resentment, lack of self-care, partner issues, differing parenting styles.

I choose to work with families with toddlers because I want to catch you early on in parenting and help you set a strong foundation that will change your parenting experience well beyond the toddler years.

Contact Me

I would love to work with you! I offer a short initial consultation at no charge. During this time, we will go over what coaching entails, identify goals for your family, and help you make a decision about moving forward. Email me to book. Join my email list below!



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