Are you setting clear expectations for your toddler?

One of the biggest mistakes I see parents make is not communicating clear expectations with their toddlers.

This means telling your toddler what’s going to happen, telling them what behavior you expect of them (and what is not acceptable), AND telling them the consequence (what will happen if they don’t follow the expectation).

This requires a few key proactive strategies:

  1. Knowing ahead of time what your expectation is
  2. Making sure it’s developmentally appropriate (oh hey, I can help you with this ;))
  3. Making sure your toddler has been taught this skill and that you are setting them up to succeed
  4. Having a clear and logical consequence already planned out (also a big part of coaching!)
  5. Implementing the consequence in a kind and loving way (there is no need for anger or yelling when you do this!)

If you’re struggling with this, book a free initial consult to learn about coaching.

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